WWW.DBBP.COM is created in Leiden,the Netherlands
by Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak

Website started in June 1996, and in November 2003
the company DBBP-Design was established.

KVK 28099353 | BTW NL001565474B57 | info@dbbp.com

The company specializes in Motorcycle Product Development, for companies and private individuals, doing 3D laserscanning, reverse engineering, product design, CAD work, photorealistic rendering, prototyping and also has the connections to have your design produced, whether it is sheetmetal, CNC or Casting. It is almost impossible to visit a bikeshow and not see parts designed by DBBP-Design

A part I have been making under my own DBBP brand,
the stainless steel Wavebars are available at
 www.dbbpshop.com and also at W&W
in polished or satin finish, with cast stainless center

One of the many interesting projects in 2020 was to design and produce a set of wheels for Ironpit, 26” front and 21” rear, both CNC machined from solid blocks of 6061 aluminium instead of from blanks.

These are not going on a bagger but on a Speedchopper! I also did a matching set of brakediscs and a belt pulley, and am working on more parts that will be going on the same bike.


Some of the many designs I did for Motone in 2019


After many years using my old Nextengine 3D laser scanner, for 2019 I have upgraded to a brandnew Einscan Pro 2x plus with engineering pack (tripod and turntable) so if you need any reverse engineering done you know where to find me!


A big project I did in 2018 was making reproductions of the very rare 1942 Harley XA sparkplugcaps I made about 30 and to my surprise sold them all, so I might need to make another batch


Another new part now available under my own DBBP brand: Intake manifolds for Weber IDF 40 & 44 carburetors, made with an S&S E style flange on the engine side so they can be made to fit on any Harley

Lost-wax cast aluminum, available at www.dbbpshop.com only



A part I have been making under my own DBBP brand,
the stainless steel Wavebars are now available at
 www.dbbpshop.com and also at W&W
in polished or satin finish, with cast stainless center

From CAD to fullsize wooden prototype (thanks to Aad)
Triumph fueltank with internal fuelpump for
now in full production!

I developed and produced an electric start kit for Panheads
and Knuckleheads for German distributor W&W

New company logo and new webshop!

I did the CAD work and renderings for the next Le Mani Moto project

Some of the many designs I did for Motone over the last years

I developed and produced cast-iron dogbone risers for W&W

I did the CAD for the KRGT1, which was built by L.A.Choprods for Keanu Reeves and first shown to the public at the Las Vegas Bikefest in 2011

I did the CAD work and developed the frame with adjustable trail,
rake and seat height for Veon. Bike built by Krugger. This bike
won the 2010 AMD World Championship of Custombikebuilding.

Did the CAD work for frame, forks, tank and rear brakes
for this Paul Funk/Hogtech project

Designed an oilcooler that fits in the place of a generator for people
using alternator/generator cases. Comissioned by W&W

The "Rapide" headlight, taillight and aircleaner I designed with CrimeSceneChoppers
are now available, in bare aluminum and polished brass or fully chromed

The Belgian company Qtec-Engineering had builds Harley based quads and trikes,
I made CAD drawings for them to use for obtaining TUV approval.

For the German company W&W we developed a Weber carb kit for Twincams. Starting with CAD drawings, we built prototypes, had the manifolds cast in aluminum, manufactured the cable conversion and even wrote the user manual. More info here and here and here and here

Gard Hollinger at LACC asked me to design a smaller version of the Hildebrandt oilfilter, that would be better suited for motorcycle use. This filter is available at LACC and standard equipment on Saxon's MadJack.


Mark van der Kwaak has been involved in the Harley scene since 1985, always designing and building his own stuff because buying it was too easy and no fun.

Since 1994 Mark has worked in the Research and Development department of a factory that manufactures stainless steel pumps, where Mark designs pump parts using advanced 3D CAD software (Pro/Engineer, later CREO from PTC) . Before that he had various other jobs involving 3D CAD work.

Mark could not resist using these advanced tools for his bike passion before and after work, and since 1996 he has been sharing his amazing CAD-designs with the world on his website www.dbbp.com,

The company that makes the CAD software Mark uses, was so impressed with Mark's work that in exchange for the right to use his work to promote their product they gave him a license so he could work at home. A lot of motorcycle magazines did features about his design work, Mark won a CAD design competition and it became clear that the time was ripe to take the next step, so on the 7th of November 2003 Mark started his own company: DBBP-Design.
In February 2005 Mark was accepted as a member of the exclusive Motorcycle Design Association
As an example of Mark's work, he designed a range of parts with
Crime Scene Choppers that can be seen on quite a lot of show winning bikes today.

The Company

After designing 55 "Cad-bikes" Mark has an impressive library of CAD parts that make it possible for him to make a "mockup" visualisation of a design within a few hours. He can advise builders on how to improve the handling of the motorcycle before a single bolt has been assembled on the real bike. Or a single penny spent...

Ofcourse he can also design a unique one-off Harley-based bike for you, producing both production drawings and photo-realistic images. Designing a whole bike can take anywhere between 30 and 300 hours, depending on how special you want it to be. Building a show-winning bike this way might be cheaper than the old-fashioned way because all the hand fabricated and CNC machined parts need to be made only once, after all the changes were already made in the design stage and the builder knows exactly what the finished bike will look like.

Mark is also available for smaller jobs, such as production drawings of frames or other parts, trail calculations, and anything else you can think of.

For larger jobs there is a waiting list, as Mark is usually fully booked.

The Price

Mark charges €70 per hour for his design work (+ tax)

KVK 28099353 / BTW NL001565474B57