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A couple of CAD images I made to show the shape the tankbottom will have.
the rear rubbermounts slide in, the front rubbermounts are bolted in.


We cut some pieces of 30x5mm strip, drilled them and rounded the tops using the beltsander. We also bent some pieces of 2mm strip and made the caps for the silentmount "housings". When all the pieces we were going to need were prepared we went back to Aad's house to begin assembling and welding the pieces on my bike.


We welded the 5mm thick "ears" to the frame and then mounted the tunnel and marked the place on the tunnel where the front silentmounts would be mounted. We cut out two square pieces of the tunnel and attached the bent strips we made earlier. First all the parts were attached with a few small welds, then everything was rechecked for correct fit and finally all the pieces were fully TIG welded on the inside and the outside.


When all the welding was done we drilled the front silentmount "housings", mounted the tunnel with all the rubbermount parts in place and welded 2 acorn-nuts on top of the front "housings", next week we will try to complete the bottom of the tank and make a fitting for the "Pingel" petcock.

To be continued soon.