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For a while I have wanted a cheap and light bike that I could use for short distances, park outside in the rain and not worry too much about. 3 weeks ago I found an unfinished Yamaha XS 650 project for 750 Euro's and will show you here what I did with it. I am already riding it in grey primer, will take it apart in the winter for paint and powdercoating but first I wanted to get it on the road as fast as possible.
This is what I did on the third day:


After the batterybox was fixed I sorted out the wiring. Like I told you last week I did not know how long it would take for my XR style flattracker seat to arrive from the USA so I bodged together a temprary rear fender and the stock enormous taillight so I could take it for a testride. Everything seemed to work, only the front brake was useless.


Ofcourse the day after I mounted the temporary rear fender my package from the USA arrived, so I cut off the frame again and mounted the new seat and fender. I replaced the dragpipes with an old set of trumpets that I had lying in the shed, and this is how I will leave the bike for the next few months so that I can ride it untill the winter. Maybe I will strip it for paint, polish and powdercoating then, or maybe I will leave it like this.