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Robbie's 360, part 1


Robbie used to run a 300 tire in his bike but now he wanted to upgrade to 360, this created a few small problems because the swingarm was not wide enough and not long enough, and the Prowler RSD gearbox with an offset sprocket did not line up with the rear sprocket anymore. Robbie wanted to use a Tolle sprocketbrake but the swingarm he had did not leave enough room for the caliper and the chainadjuster bolts interfered with the brake caliper. Because the swingarm had already been modified before in a way that was not good enough in our opinion, we decided to make a new swingarm using only the front part of the old swingarm.


First we put the old swingarm in a jig and checked the alignment, (it was not quite straight), then Aad amputated the whole rearend and realigned the rear axle to be perfectly straight and about an inch further back so the tire would no longer rub the swingarm. The wheel was then mounted so it would be exactly on the centerline of the bike and a spacer was machined to offset the rear sprocket enough to make sure the chain could not touch the wheel.