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Robbie's 360, part 2


After cutting off the entire rearend of Robbie's swingarm Aad bent some solid steel rods to replace the legs of the swingarm. The previous legs had already been widened with flat strips of steel but we wanted the new swingarm to be stronger, longer, wider and cleaner looking. Aad's boss and friend Johan (who owns the steel shop where we do a lot of our work) came up with a good idea for adjusting the rear chain using "teeth" cut into the back of the axle blocks. The axle blocks were actually machined on Johan's CNC mill.


The new swingarm is a full inch longer than the old one was, because the wheel could not be moved into the forward position of the axle blocks in the old swingarm. All the parts were tacked together in the welding jig, checked for alignment one more time and then fully welded. Next week pictures of the new swingarm in Robbie's bike.

  Johan and Aad