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My BMW Bobber, part 2
CAD version here


I wanted a 70's Superglide tank because very few people use them and I like the shape. My buddy Paul Funk said he had an old Superglide tank that needed some work and I could have it for free. Thanks Paul! After trying it on my frame I decided that the tunnel was too wide and the angle was not right. The tank had been repaired earlier at the front of the tunnel and I decided to remove the tunnel and the repaired area and replace these areas completely.


Joe McGlynn of Crime Scene Choppers donated one of his beautifull Speedster gascaps, so I carefully cut out the old gascap with a tiny angle grinder attachment on my Dremel. This was also the only tool I used to remove the tunnel, it is not the quickest way but it is very precise, and besides I was doing the work on the tank at home in my backyard