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My BMW Bobber, part 9
CAD version here


The bottom of the old Superglide tank was rather bumpy and since I had already replaced the tunnel with a narrower and deeper version I decided to replace the bottom of the tank as well. I made a cardboard template and used that to cut 2 identical pieces of sheetmetal. I used material that was 1.5 times thicker than the rest of the tank for extra strength and to make sure the new bottom would stay straight after welding. I put the new pieces of metal ontop of the old metal and scribed around the edges, then I removed the old bottom by cutting on the scribe line. I asked Aad to weld 2 pieces of scrapmetal between the 2 new bottom sections so that they would be straight and then I notched the bottom of the tunnel untill the new bottom was exactly flush with the old material. Aad tackwelded the new pieces in place and I removed the supporting strips. Now I get to grind down the bottom of the tunnel and make all the missing pieces, and then Aad will complete the welding.