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My BMW Bobber, part 14
CAD version here

While Aad completed welding of the fueltank, I decided to get started on the front brake modifications. The idea is to use a stock BMW 1980, 2 leading shoe front brake because it works very well, but to modify it by adding a funtional airscoop and some vents. Since I have the whole thing designed in CAD I started with some fullscale prints.


I used 3M photomount glue to mount 3 prints of the scoop onto 18 mm MDF, and then roughly cutout the shape with a jigsaw. The more precise sawing I did on a small tablesaw. I removed the paper from one of the cutouts, applied some strong industrial glue and screwed another cutout on top of it. I then used the beltsander to straighten the outsides and with a handheld milling machine for wood I rounded the top edges.


I cut out an oversized piece of 3mm aluminum and clamped that between the glued and rounded cutouts on the one side and a third cutout on the other side to keep the top of the scoop flat, Then I gently started tapping the edges around the wooden shape (buck) with a wooden hammer (mallet) untill it fit exactly. Next I will trim the edges so it fits the brakeplate exactly and I will drill the vent holes, then my friend Aad will weld on the scoop.