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My BMW Bobber, part 19
CAD version here


I removed all removable parts from the crankcases and cleaned them with brakecleaner and scotchbrite. All the gasket surfaces were cleaned thoroughly and taped off with ducktape (by Adele) to keep the blasting media away from the insides of the engine.


The crankcases have been blasted with coarse grit to get an even structure and then blasted again with glassbeads to give them a nice satin finish. I also hammerformed a new scoop for the new front brakeplate.


I made machining drawings for the wheelhubs and brought the drawings to Johan's machineshop, after machining the hubs will be nickel plated and then both the rims and spokes will be custom made, so the only unmodified parts on the wheels will be the tires and bearings.......