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My BMW Bobber, part 28
CAD version here

Stock 1951 Frame 

This week I decided to do the motormounts, on a stock 1951 BMW frame the motormounts go straight through the lower frametubes and the engine sticks out about 3 inches below the frame; I decided to raise the engine 2 inches so the frame could sit closer to the ground. I machined the square parts while Aad made the round bits on the lathe, and I assembled all the parts on the bike. I had centered the engine between the frametubes using strips of metal that fit tightly in the gaps between frame and engine. After measuring I notched the round parts and tackwelded the motormounts in place. While I was at it I also tacked the seat pivot in place, later I will remove all the parts from the frame and have a "real" welder (yep, Aad..) finish the job.