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My BMW Bobber, part 31
CAD version here

Stock 1951 Frame 
before  after

After removing a lot of material from the inside of my homemade front brakeplate to save weight and improve air circulation for better cooling, I drilled 3 small holes to attach the stainless steel mesh. I was not happy with the shape of the top edge of the scoop so I spent some time reshaping it with Dremel, file and sandpaper.


I reassembled all the parts again and all works fine, I think I will use a rough sandblast and then a glassbead finish to make this billet part look like cast aluminum. But then again, I might polish the rear brakeplate that actually is made of cast aluminum to look like this one, decisions, decisions....


In the meantime Aad has MIG welded all the brackets I had tackwelded in place, and we fabricated the mounts for the seatsprings.