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My BMW Bobber, part 44
CAD version here


In the last few bikes we used hidden forkstops, on this one I wanted to do something different. First we marked the spot where the forks hit the frame, and drilled a big hole all the way through the frame. Aad machined a steel plug and asked me to test fit it in the frame, and ofcourse I dropped it in the top frame tube.... We had to lift the rear of the bike up high and fish around with a small magnet to get it out, when we finally had it Aad said it would be wiser if he test fitted it himself this time, and ofcourse he dropped it in the frame too! Yep, definitely professionals at work here;-) Anyway, we machined 2 white nylon plugs for the forkstops ( the frame will be white too) to protect the paint and completed a fully visible forkstop that looks kinda cool too!