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My BMW Bobber, part 52
CAD version here


In one of the pics above you can see the stock top and rear covers, too high and full of holes... After sanding my MDF mold I primered it and gave it a quick layer of paint to help find any imperfections. The left side looked okay but the right side looked a bit wavy. After holding a ruler against crankcases and MDF mold, I found that the "wavyness" started in the right side of the crankcase itself.


I drew a guideline on top of the crankcase and used a beltsander to knock down the high areas, then using the corrected crankcases as a guide I reshaped the MDF mold again. There were still a few low spots so I used polyester filler to build up these areas. While I write this the paint is drying on the mold and next week I should be started on the sheetmetal version.