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My BMW Bobber, part 68
CAD version here


After drilling the 6 BIG holes in the frame we welded in 6 plugs, MIG welds on the outside were ground smooth while the TIG welds on the inside were left visible. This way I have 6 very strong mounting points for footrests and centerstand while the outside of the frame stays clean looking and smooth.


To avoid using filler on the frame I marked all the imperfections I could find and started welding and grinding and filing and sanding. Using a plastic ruler I found a few areas that were "lower" than the surrounding metal so I welded them to build up some height and then removed the excess material. Actually Aad is much better at this stuff than I am, but I wanted to do as much as possible myself.....


Aad welded the mounting tab for the other Stromberg carb onto the crankcases, he also built a planishing hammer (more about that soon) and made and mounted a replacement panel for the fueltank. Meanwhile I switched from Avon tires to Firestones. These are the tires I had originally wanted but at the time I could not find more than 1...