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My BMW Bobber, part 89
CAD version here


The new home-cast batterybox has been mounted on the bike. The new Antigravity battery comes packaged with adhesive backed highdensity foam so I used this to mount the battery vibration free. These batteries are very small and light but extremely powerful, no problem at all to start the 900 cc BMW motor.


Finally, thanks to a tip from Mike Hayes, I found a set of Indian grips in the correct red color. They were all the way over in Canada, and I was able to convince the seller Jeff to ship them to Holland. Thanks guys!!!! I decided to replace all the inner and outer cables on the bike while I was at it and while I write this everything has been re-assembled and the bike is ready to go. Maybe I will add a few more little details before Essen, if I have time between working on other peoples projects...