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My BMW Bobber, part 91
CAD version here


Originally I had these brass fuelvalves ( a gift from Hank Young) on the BMW Bobber with copper fuellines. Something had started leaking over the years so I decided to get rid of the copper fuellines and install transparant red fuellines, as used on old Hotrods.


I had an extra set of Lowbrow fuelvalves with internal threads but did not like the look of the fuelvalves with screw-in hosenippels. New plan; machine off the external threads from the HankYoung fuelvalves for a more compact installation.


The paint around the fuelvalve was starting to crack so to protect the paint and to give a clean look I dreamed up some brass "cups" that Aad machined for me. We disassembled both fuelvalves and using valve-lapping paste made sure they sealed perfectly again. Forgot to take pictures of that, sorry...On the carb side I installed original Stromberg banjo bolts, and the bike was ready to ride again.