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Some of the different manifolds I have in my collection to fit
Weber DCOE 40 or Dellorto DHLA 40 carbs.
The manifold below we made this week by cutting off the rear of a
shovelhead version (like the one in the on the right side of the top
right picture) and welding on one of the CNC machined oval flanges
that were left over from our Weber IDF manifold experiments.
With the oval flange it can be used on any Harley, in this case it will
be mounted on Ernest's EVO Softtail.


To use a Weber DCOE or Dellorto DHLA on a Harley without
an electric fuelpump, the float needle valve is often replaced with
a "Grose valve" . As you can see in the pics below the Grose
valve will flow a lot more fuel than the stock float needle.