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How to make a stainless steel
oiltank with internal oil-filter:

This is the oiltank of my bike, which I designed using Cadbike #1 for basic dimensions I started with a length of 316 stainless steel pipe, 154 mm's in diameter / 2 mm's thick. For each oiltank (I made 4) I sawed off a piece of 160 mm's long, onto which my friend Aad welded 2 stainless steel caps 154 x 2 x 43.

In the middle of the oiltank, I drilled a 76 mm hole for the filter-adaptor. The filter-adaptor I made from a solid chunk of stainless with a diameter of 76 mm's and a length of 40 mm's, I took all the dimensions from a stock oil-tank so the filter and cap would fit.

After welding in the filter-adaptor, we made 3 mounting-plugs with internal thread M8 for the silent mounts in which the tank will be mounted. We made sure the mounting-plugs were not drilled all the way through, to avoid oil-leaks. Then we welded in the filler neck.

Finally we welded in the oil-line fittings and the drain-plug fitting. Then we bead-blasted and thoroughly cleaned the tank before mounting it. Stock parts used: - OEM 63826-53 Filter-cup - OEM 62610-52TA Cap