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After removing the bottom of the old King Sportster, removing the aircraft-style fuelcap, welding shut the hole left by the old fuelcap, drilling a new hole that is smaller and more to the front of the tank and welding a bayonet from a donor-tank into a section of pipe to get a flush-mount, this week we completed the gascap and mounted it in the tank.


From a solid lump of steel we machined a press-fit for the inside of the stock gascap, leaving a small airgap inside so the vent will still work. No matter how powerfull your engine is, closing that small 1mm breather hole in the gascap will turn it into an immovable object...We machined the flush-mounted bayonet so that it was exactly the same hight as the top of the gascap, and then added a stepped fit to the weld area.


Starting with 4 small spotwelds, Aad carefully added welds in a criss-cross pattern to avoid too much heat so the tank wouldn't warp. Then it was time for the grinder again to clean up the welds, this is all we had time for this week, next week we will add the rib over the tank and the gascap, without that it would be very hard to open!