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This week we started by completely removing the original tankmounts, using a belt sander to get rid of the last bits. The tank will be mounted with hidden rubbermounts.


We removed the internal parts of the gascap before welding to avoid melting the rubber parts, as you can see a vented gascap has a system of small holes and airgaps that are supposed to keep the fuel in while allowing air in and out. After welding the rib on the fuelcap we had to straighten it under a hydraulic press because the heat had caused it to bend slightly. Finally we machined the ends of the rib in a lathe. Gascap finished!


First we bent the front and rear ribs as close to the shape of the tank as possible, then we carefully aligned the rear rib with the rib on the fuelcap. Using a TIG welder we started by making a few small tackwelds to see if the position of the rib was correct. Carefully avoiding too much heat in the tank we added more and more tackwelds and then in a crisscross pattern we added welds of approximately 1 inch length untill the rib was completely welded. We repeated the process for the front rib. Next week we will make a new deep tunnel and add an overflow pipe to keep rainwater and fuel from collecting in the gap around the gascap.