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After finishing the new gascap, this week we cleaned and sandblasted the inside of the tank, added a draintube, made a new tunnel and trimmed all the edges.


The inside of the tank had been coated with "cream" ( an anti-leak epoxy coat) a few years ago, and this proved to be very difficult to remove. We tried sandblasting it but that didn't work so we blowtorched it and then sandblasted it again. That did the trick!

We cut a rectangular piece of 1 mm sheetmetal, and using a hydraulic press, a round 50 mm piece of solid steel and some pieces of wood (!) we shaped a new tunnel.


We added an overflow pipe to keep rainwater and fuel from collecting in the gap around the gascap, then we carefully ground the tunnelgap in the tank untill it fit the new tunnel exactly. Finally we ground the bottom of the tank untill it was perfectly flat, and ready for the new bottom plate. Next week we will start with the hidden rubbermounts.