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This week, we started by removing the old tankmounts from the frame of my bike. We scratched a line in the tunnel were it was going to be cut, and then attacked it with a large grinder. With a smaller grinder we cleaned up the cuts untill we had a perfect fit.


We decided to save the welding of the tunnel untill last, so we could easily make the rubbermounts first. We will build a system with two M8 vertical silentmounts at the rear of the tank, fitted in diagonal slots. At the front of the tank we will use two M6 horizontal silentmounts with thread at both sides, so the tank can be removed by unscrewing two M6 nuts at the front. Because of the deep tunnel I didn't want unreachable nuts at the back of the tank The reason the rear mounts are so far forward is because I needed enough height to hide the rubbermounts.


After bending some 25x2mm strips we welded the outsides, then cut out the insides, then welded the insides as well. Believe it or not, this was all we managed to do in 3 hours, but maybe that was because I was taking pictures instead of helping Aad!