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A couple of CAD images I made to show the shape the tankbottom will have.
the rear rubbermounts slide in, the front rubbermounts are bolted in.


I made some cardboard templates that we will copy in steel to strengthen the frame, while Aad completed the welding on the tank bottom. We welded acorn-nuts in the tank to provide a leak-proof attachment for the silentmounts.


Because the metal tanklogo's have still not arrived we cannot finish the tank this week, because before closing the tank we want to sandblast all the parts and then immediately after that weld it shut and coat the inside with "cream" before rust has a chance to start. After that we cannot do anymore welding because that would ruin the coating.... And the tanklogo's require welding.


The Pingel fuelvalve I want to use has 3/8 NPT thread, and we couldn't find a tap in that size, so we cut the 3/8 NPT bit out of the old tankbottom. We cleaned it up in the lathe and will weld this into the new tankbottom.