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After a long wait, my genuine Harley Davidson 1961-1962 style tank emblems finally arrived, and would you believe it said "made in Taiwan" on the package? Ah, what the hell......I am not even going to bother telling you what I think about that, I'll just stick to the technical stuff (easier to understand!)


First I scratched a few guiding lines on the tank to make sure the emblems would be in the same position on both sides, then I drilled some 5 millimeter holes. Aad machined 4 threaded pieces of 12 millimeter steel rod, and I screwed both emblems on to the tank.


Aad welded each piece to the tank with 2 small welds each, then I removed the emblems to keep them from getting too hot. We drilled a hole in the bottom of the tank for the fuelvalve, on the left side this time because that is the jiffy side and all the fuel flows to the left side when I am kickstarting the bike.


Aad welded the fuelvalve thread and the emblem-mounts, we sandblasted both tank parts inside and out and started welding them together.

To be continued soon.