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A CAD-drawing I did of the pipes I want to make,
for more drawings see CAD-bikes

1) First smash your front pipe into a large bump, breaking off
the mounting stud in your front cylinder head and completely
screwing up the second bend and the mounting bracket.

2) On a cold and rainy day, load the bike in the Dodge and
take it to your buddy Hans, who is a really good welder.

3) Remove the smashed pipe, cut off the bits that can be reused.

4-8) Using weldbends and an angle grinder form the new pipe,
attaching each piece with 2 or 3 small welds, untill you run
out of bends....

9-10) After carefully removing the new pipe section add more
welds untill the pipe section is firmly attached, check for fit one
last time and then start the REAL work of welding and grinding
while waiting for the shops to reopen after Christmass so
we can order more bends. To be continued!

11-12) The bends we ordered have arrived and Hans has welded, grinded and scotch-
brited the first part of the new pipe. Not bad eh?

13) The second part took a bit longer to get right because the kickstarter, the rear pipe and
the pivot of the clutch-arm leave very little space for the new pipe. We changed the shape
of the front pipe a bit from the Cad-design, to follow the angle of the cylinders more closely.

14) A 10 mm thick lump of stainless welded to the back of the new pipe for a hidden mount

15) Well, this is Hans, the guy that welded these pipes and the pipes of a lot of other bikes
from around Leiden (see Jochem's shovel and Arie's longbike in Friends Bikes)

16) This is how far we got today, now it is time for more a lot more welding and grinding.....

The finished pipes, except for the rear mounting brackets.
Although they are not exactly like the drawing, I like 'em!
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