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A CAD-drawing I did of the pipes I originally wanted to make,
for more drawings see CAD-bikes


After looking at my previous set of pipes for a year, I decided they needed some
work because they were not exactly parallell with eachother or the frame.....

The main reason was that the rear pipe did not fit between the kickstarter and
the right shock-absorber, so we let it angle a few degrees outwards.
This year I want to make both pipes exactly parallell with the frame and to
do this we will notch both pipes so they won't touch the shock-absorber.


After attaching a long piece of wood to the frame as a guideline, we ground a
large hole in the rear pipe so that it would clear the shock by about 4 mm. We cut
off the flange to insert a 12 mm piece of pipe so the whole rear pipe would be
paralell with the piece of wood. After attaching the separate pieces with a few
small welds we decided it looked a lot better than before !


We cut a small piece of stainless steel sheet into the rough shape, put it under
a press to get the right radius and attached it with four small welds.


All the excess material was ground off with the belt-sander and then the "patch"
was fully TIG welded. Again we used the belt sander to clean up the welds. We
removed the old exhaust mount because the position was no longer correct.


After cleaning up all the welds and grind marks with finer and finer sandpaper,
we glassbeaded the whole pipe and called it a night. Next week pipe #2!