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A CAD-drawing I did of the pipes I originally wanted to make,
for more drawings see CAD-bikes


This week we spent a couple of hours working on the front pipe; we started by
last years front pipe into 3 pieces, then we attached the rear part of the
front pipe to the rear pipe with tiewraps and some thin strips of wood to get it
exactly parallel.


The plan is to move the rear section of the front pipe 4 inches further back, so
the 2 bends above the gearbox follow eachother. We ended up with 6 separate
pieces that will have to be welded back together to make a new front pipe. In
the picture below we sawed some gaps in one of the curves, because the
diameter of the curve was a bit larger than the diameter of the next piece...


Ofcourse we had to grind a big hole in this pipe too, so it
would clear the right shock. I didn't make pics of that because it is the same
procedure we used on the rear pipe. (you can see the pics in part 2)


to be continued....