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The next part that needed taking care of was the front fender. It was way too big! I cut it into five pieces, taking out about 4 inches from each side. I wanted to keep the rolled edge so I welded back the tips to the middle part. At least that was the plan...

The rear tip fit perfectly on the middle part but the front tip was about 20 mm too narrow so I split the front tip down the middle and welded in a section cut from one of the pieces I removed earlier. I am not a very good welder at all, so I just made a lot of little MIG spotwelds next to eachother, I'm sure it won't fall apart


After some grinding and blasting it was ready for paint, just needed a tiny bit of filler. I used primer and topcoat from a rattlecan just like on the rest of the bike and the fender was finished. Next job, replacing the stock shocks with a pair of used Marzocchi's that I bought for 35 euro's. Ofcourse the mounting bolt diameters are completely different but I'll fix that next week.