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The existing 14mm upper shock mounts had very bad threads and were the wrong diameter for my brandnew secondhand Marzocchi's so I ground them off completely. I smoothed the area where they were removed with an angle grinder and then drilled 10 mm holes through both sides of the frame. I started with a 3mm drill and then 5, 8 and 10, using a lot of cutting oil and checking very often to see if I was still goeing straight. Then I tapped both holes with M12, as this is the correct size for the Marzocchi's.


With the shorter front fender and the longer shocks I think is is looking better allready, only now the headlight looks too big... Oh well, that will be the next job then, as in the meantime I am still riding this bike, which is why I have not stripped it completely but am doing one small task at a time;-)