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In July 2008 I wrote here that the next job would be a smaller headlight, but I never got around to doing it... I have been riding this bike quite a lot and am still enjoying it, decided today to try a small headlight I had hanging in the barn, used to be on my Shovel a long time ago. After opening the stock Yamaha headlight I found a LOT of wiring, no way this was all going to fit in the small headlight. For now I just stuffed all the wires behind the headlight to see how it would look. Don't like it, it is too small and mounted too high, which makes the forks look longer. Next week I will try a 5 3/4 sidemount Bates, and lower the lampmounts a bit. Think I will ditch the stock dash too!


Got me a new set of Dunlops, will be putting these on soon, I want to powdercoat the wheels all black first but that will meen no riding for a week untill the wheels come back. Also found an old Brembo in my stash which will replace the stock front brake