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5 years since the last update on this bike, wow! Since I have not been using this bike much and was planning to sell it, my wife Adele stopped me and said she wanted to have it. The only thing she did not like about it was the heavy clutch so a few weeks ago I installed a hydraulic clutch.


After removing the left engine cover I removed all the stock clutch parts and cleaned up the cover a bit. The original hole in the cover needed to be increased in diameter, which I did by first filing and then reaming using the lathe. The hydraulic clutch unit is a straight bolt-in after that.


The bearing ball from the stock clutch was stuck in place using a dab of grease and the cover was bolted back on. System is bled pretty much the same way as you would bleed a brake. It takes a while to get the last bit of air out, it is recommended to put the bike on the center stand with a piece of wood under the left side while bleeding it. Clutch operation is lighter now!