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My BMW Bobber, part 34
CAD version here


After removing about 6 mm from one side the rib was now in the middle where it belonged. A little bit more shrinking of the sides untill the radius matches the tire, and then we decided to beadroll the edges. The antique beadroller had been lying around for years and we decided to fix it up and test it. There were some parts missing but with a bit of improvisation we got it to work. Cool!


It looks as though the radius of the fender became bigger after the beading, hmmmm.
We'll see if we can manipulate it back into shape. I made the mesh inserts for the front brake by cutting two circles and tapping them with a nylon hammer to make them a bit concave.We made two stainless steel rings that are screwed to the brakeplate from the back with small brass screws. I must have spent more time on my front brake by now than some people spend on their whole bike, oh well..