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My BMW Bobber, part 70
CAD version here

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I had found a cool taillight at a swapmeet (Vehikel) but there was a chunkl broken out of the edge of the lens and I could not find a replacement. I made a mold from plaster of Paris and then flipped the lens around using the imprint of the good side, poured in some polyester and after a bit of filing and sanding the lens was repaired. I will paint the edge in the same colour as the rest of the bike. Does anybody out there know what this taillight is from? The text on the inside is "Saturnus"...


The motormounts were welded up and then ground smooth by Aad, and we mounted the new fender made by Ben from Ben's Metalshaping. We rounded off the rear a bit and welded in washers on the mounting holes for extra strength.