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My BMW Bobber, part 86
CAD version here


After folding a teststrip we made the sides for the new batterybox.The top and bottom part we casted a few weeks ago. Sides are ready for paint, next project handlebars!


The stainless steel handlebars we made for the BMW have reverse grips with the clutch and front brake cable through the bars. The red grips I had bought at a swapmeet for 10 euro's, they were originally from an Indian. I never liked the throttle with external cable and decided to make that internal too.


That means internal brake cable going through the internal throttle! Also my Indian grips were mysteriously falling apart and it proved to be very difficult to find an identical set. I finally found a set on Ebay and it should be on its way overhere.


We cut a groove through the internal parts of the internal throttle for the brakecable, cut off the end of the handlebars and started making a ring that would go at the transition from grip to handlebar, just like on the clutch side