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My BMW Bobber, part 87
CAD version here


Aad machined, welded and polished a ring where the grip meets the handlebars, identical to the one on the left side. This was not possible earlier because I used to have a "normal" external throttle, but now that we have converted the handlebars to internal throttle we can make the left and right side look the same.


The little grub screw in the pictures above holds the internal throttle mechanism in place in the handlebars. As there was already an internal brakecable we needed to make an extra exit point for the throttlecable. This meant welding in a small piece of pipe and then a lot of grinding and polishing.


My very difficult to find red Indian grips finally arrived and are a very different shade of red than the old grips. The old grips matched the upholstery of the seat. If anyone out there knows of a set of original red indian grips please contact me at