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This week we started by making a new start section for the rear pipe, just like we did earlier for the front pipe. Although we thought the rear pipe was finished, the front pipe looked and fit so much better that we decided to make identical start sections for both pipes. After we had made an exact copy for the rear pipe we machined a half circle out of both for the mounting bolts.


We machined two rings, ground them to fit, and welded them on to complete the exhaust flanges. We tack-welded all the bits of the front pipe back together and improvised a hidden mount for the front pipe. I don't want any ugly clamps around my pipes. After we have created new mounts for the brake-pedal and brake reservoir I will strip the whole bike, complete all the welds, sandblast the frame and reassemble the whole bike painted in primer so I can put some miles on it before the summer is over.